STAFF ANOUNCEMENT: As you might can imagine, Scythian Fall is not a bunch of randomly casted dilettantes only, but a small circle of proper friends, who like to share other joys of life with each other. Unfortunately sometimes one has to pay tribute to the obligations of everyday life. In this regard, our amBASSador "Damn Neil" has decided to take some time off, in order to focus on his evening course. He more or less remains a part of the pack but is not active for us in the moment. Thus we repositioned us anew a bit, what means that our VoKillist "Raw Beard" switched on the bass. Instead of him we give warm welcome to our new gitarist Frank Roth (rightmost in the picture) on the 2nd guitar, who is hereby publicly introduced. From now on he shares all the fame with us in the future. Say hello to him, he is a sexy MF! „wink“-Emoticon stop is Freiburg @ Slow Club on Thursday, 2nd of June w/ Lone Wanderer. DOOM!
Today we actually wanted to give a short review of our year 2015 only, but of course this day is overshadowed by the hard to believe-passing of Lemmy! THE idol of everyone who is into Hard'n Heavy-shit in one way or, REST IN PEACE! Nevertheless, Scythian Falls says Thank you very much! to everybody who visited our shows, bought our merchandise and helped in any way to spread our way of playing Doom. During the second year of our live-presence we were excited to play a first short tour with our mates from Children Of Eris. All in all we look back on 10 gigs, highlighted through the invitation to Low Frequency Assault as the main doom event in our home region. We will return in 2016 with some footage soon and with new tracks: Expect a toughening of our sound material, beware of the Scyths, take care and ...doom on!
Hey Folks, we will play on 2015/12/19 at Low Frequency Assaults #9 at KV Nürnberg with great Bands like BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS, CASKETS OPEN and 71TONMAN (PL) Click here for the Flyer
+++ The Scythians are ridin' again +++
We will hit the road with our friends Children of Eris

2.9. Amsterdam (NL) // venue tba
3.9. Help needed!
4.9. Leipzig (GER) // venue tba
5.9. Dresden (GER) // venue tba

If you are a organizer of concerts and located nearby the "Axis of the Doomed" (Münster, Dortmund, Kassel, Göttingen, or something like that), feel free to contact us if you can help with a gig on Thursday 3.9.15!
To our followers: sharing is caring! We are very thankful for your help!

Hey there here's a short update from us, we recorded 2 new Songs and hope to release them by no later than September. We also played some nice gigs, and at the moment we're planning a mini Tour from August 31th till September 5th with our friends Children of Eris - Soon more!

You can find the newest review of our Demo at Sludge Worm Magazine (German only).
Finally done! We're very glad to present you our very first Demo recordings. Check out our Media Section or visit us on Bandcamp!

and don't miss our upcoming shows!
Check out the Media section for some videos and a short teaser from our upcoming demo!
A short review of our 2nd concert ever on last Saturday (in German only): "Danach waren Scythian Fall aus Fürth an der Reihe, nach einer kurzen Ansage über das erscheinen wurde man gleich aufgefordert dem Doomreigen zu fröhnen, haben sie gut gemacht was viel wichtiger ist man hört es auch raus das sie sich weiterentwickeln mal sehen wie weit das ganze noch geht auf alle fälle sollte man sie im Auge behalten." We really enjoyed the show with our friends from 71Tonman and Signals.And.Systems! Many Thanks for words and pics to our good buddy Mike Wiener!
Picture Gallery at Doomed Souls!